Pink Unicorn


NICKNAME: Gyul, Gyul Omma, Goddess , Mirror Princess, LeGYulas, Shikshin, Carrot D.O.B: May 21, 1988 Position: Vocals Role in KARA: Leader Blood Type: AB Height: 162cm Favorite Color: Purple Favorite Season: Spring and autumn Favourite Korean gasoo: H.O.T Motto: Whatever the situation, let's think positively FAVORITE WESTERN DISH: Pizza MOST ATTRACTIVE PART OF HERSELF: Collar bone ◊Eyes SKILLS / TALENT: Singing, Acting, Impersonations, "Goddess Concept" on T.V. HOBBIES / INTEREST: Food, Reading, Watching Movies EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Currently attending Dongduk Women's University - major in Broadcasting Communications
NICKNAME: Ham, Choding, Big-smile-no-eyes D.O.B: July 24, 1988 Position: Vocals Role in KARA: Second-eldest/small sister Blood Type: A Height: 160cm Favorite Color: Pink Shoe Size: US Woman's size 6 (Korean size: 235mm) Motto: Go with what you believe in Favorite Food: BuDae Soup/Steam pot Treasured Object: Anything with music FAVORITE KOREAN ARTIST: G.O.D MOST ATTRACTIVE PART OF HERSELF: Inside eyelids SKILLS / TALENT:Singing, Dancing, Impersonating Gollum (Lord of the Rings) HOBBIES / INTEREST: Reading, Listening to music, Watching Anime, Making random cute sounds, Hugging her mongshil Nicole, Teaching Nicole wrong Korean words just for fun EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduated from Tenafly High School (New Jersey), Currently attending Kyunghee University - Majoring in Film Arts and Theatre
NICKNAME: Yongjoo, Tweety, Cole, Nikori D.O.B: October 7, 1991 Position: Vocals, Rapper Blood Type: A Height: 164cm Favorite Color: Orange Favorite Korean gasoo: Shinhwa Location: California, USA SKILLS / TALENT: Dancing, Singing, Rapping, Can speak English fluently and some Spanish, Cooking, TV Personality HOBBIES / INTEREST: Listening to music, Violin, Food, Watching movies, Eating, Reading, Cooking, Practicing EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Attended Global Christian School, Attended Laurel Springs School, finished 11th grade, hopes to finish school but is too busy with KARA and solo activities at the moment
NICKNAME: Koala, Honey, Gura D.O.B: January 13, 1991 Position: Vocals Height: 164cm Weight: 43kg Favorite Korean gasoo: Fin.K.L Hobbies/Interests: Dancing Skills: Dancing and Modeling Educational Background: - Attended Kwangjoo Academy of Music (same school with Big Bang's Seungri - they are good friends)  - Currently attending Dongmyeong Woman's High School of Industry and Information 
NICKNAME: Jing, Kang Jara (turtle), Kang Ah Ji (puppy), Rice-Cake (because of her fair skin tone) D.O.B: January 18 1994 PLACE OF BIRTH: Gyeonggi-do, Paju FAVORITE KOREAN ARTIST: Big Bang SKILLS / TALENT: Singing, Aegyo, Eye smiling HOBBIES / INTEREST: Reading, Listening to music, Dolls, Letters, Dogs EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND: Graduated from Kwanghee Middle School, Currently attending Muhak Women's High School
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